July Top Images

TI-J-OP-1STAR-001-0818420-Moyo-Sharon Dell
Top Junior – Moyo – Sharon Dell

TI-S-NA-5STAR-001-0831798-Big thirst-Martha van Tonder
Top Senior – Big thirst – Martha van Tonder

TI-SS-SS-5STAR-001-0831797-Splash-Martha van Tonder
Top Set Subject – Splash – Martha van Tonder

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June Top Images

NA-1STAR-001-0802003-Sunset Kudu-john thackeray
Top Junior: Sunset Kudu – John Thackeray

OP-5STARH-001-0815667-Art in a can-Ben Myburgh
Top Senior: Art in a can – Ben Myburgh

SS-5STAR-001-0815031-Remembrance-Willie Henegan
Top Set Subject: Remembrance – Willie Henegan

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May Top Images

NA-1STAR-002-0798390-Martial Eagle-Alex Stewart
Top Junior – Martial Eagle – Alex Stewart

NA-5STAR-001-0801720-Last fight-Martha van Tonder
Top Senior – Last fight – Martha van Tonder

SS-5STAR-001-0801724-Reflection-Martha van Tonder
Top Set Subject – Reflection – Martha van Tonder

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April Top Images

OP-1STAR-001-0784545-Old Crock or Discarded Classic-john thackeray

Top Junior: Crock or Discarded Classic – John Thackeray

MO-5STAR-001-0785418-The Falls-Carl Smorenburg

Top Senior: The Falls – Carl Smorenburg

SS-5STAR-001-0780220-The X factor-Shirley Gillitt

Top Set Subject: The X factor – Shirley Gillitt

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If you think workshops can get crowded…

This is what the crowds look like during “Firefall” in Yosemite. Check out what they are photographing and the full story HERE


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March Top Images

OP-1STAR-001-0763392-Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber
Top Junior – Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber

OP-5STAR-002-0765715-Rolling Elements-Shane Newman
Top Senior – Rolling Elements-Shane Newman

SS-4STAR-002-0767339-Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
Top Set Subject – Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
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Workshop BTS: One Light Source

IMG_3857  IMG_3863

IMG_3867  IMG_3884

IMG_3885  IMG_3890

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February Top Images

TI-NA-3STAR-001-0755182-No rush-Barrie Walsh
Top Junior – No rush – Barrie Walsh
TI-NA-5STAR-002-0752406-Giant Egret-Howard Gillitt
Top Senior – Giant Egret – Howard Gillitt
TI-SS-5STAR-001-0752888-Nut Bolt city-Ian Damerell
Top Set Subject – Nut Bolt city – Ian Damerell
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History of Photography in 5 minutes…

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Westville Camera Club in the news!!


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