March Top Images

OP-1STAR-001-0763392-Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber
Top Junior – Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber

OP-5STAR-002-0765715-Rolling Elements-Shane Newman
Top Senior – Rolling Elements-Shane Newman

SS-4STAR-002-0767339-Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
Top Set Subject – Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
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Workshop BTS: One Light Source

IMG_3857  IMG_3863

IMG_3867  IMG_3884

IMG_3885  IMG_3890

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February Top Images

TI-NA-3STAR-001-0755182-No rush-Barrie Walsh
Top Junior – No rush – Barrie Walsh
TI-NA-5STAR-002-0752406-Giant Egret-Howard Gillitt
Top Senior – Giant Egret – Howard Gillitt
TI-SS-5STAR-001-0752888-Nut Bolt city-Ian Damerell
Top Set Subject – Nut Bolt city – Ian Damerell
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History of Photography in 5 minutes…

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Westville Camera Club in the news!!


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Top Images – January 2016

These are the top images after the latest round of judging…

Top Junior – Aloe train – Barrie Walsh
OP-3STAR-001-0742159-Aloe train-Barrie Walsh
Top Senior – Impala movement – Martha van Tonder
TI-OP-4STAR-002-0741702-Impala movement-Martha van Tonder
Top Set Subject – Old Fighter Take off – Agustin Ritacco
SS-5STAR-001-0742710-Old Fighter Take off-Agustin Ritacco
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2015 Best Images

Top Altered Reality – CappaChino – Hendrina Darvall

AR-1STAR-001-0620507-CappaChino-Hendrina Darvall

Top Altered Reality – Senior – Through the Looking Glass – Havannah Myburgh

AR-4STAR-001-0686413-Through the Looking Glass-Havannah Myburgh

Top Monochrome – Gatsby Lady – Premila Naidoo

MO-3STAR-001-0686501-Gatsby Lady-Premila Naidoo

Top Monochrome – Senior – Ramsey – Ben Myburgh

MO-5STARH-002-0715348-Ramsey-Ben Myburgh

Top Nature – Junior – Tender Momements 4 – Allan Bower

NA-3STAR-002-0660231-Tender Moments 4-Allan Bower

Top Nature – Senior – Pelican_1 – Gary Jones

NA-5STAR-001-0673116-Pelican_1-Gary Jones

Top Open – Junior – On the Farm – Elizabeth Cartwright

OP-3STAR-001-0701428-On The Farm-Elizabeth Cartwright

Top Open – Senior – Guarding the lights – Martha van Tonder

OP-4STAR-001-0581563-Guarding the lights-Martha Jansen van Rensburg

Top PJ – Junior – Keep Going lying 3rd – Shirley Fraser

PJ-3STAR-001-0569403-Keep Going lying 3rd-Shirley Fraser

Top PJ – Senior – Focussed – Pieter Venter

PJ-5STARH-001-0714249-Focussed-Pieter Venter

Top Sport – Junior – Kelly Elliott

SP-3STAR-002-0606510-Tackled to the ground-Kelly Elliott

Top Sport – Senior ...

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2016 AGM

Check out the full Gallery HERE



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Top Images – November 2015

These are the top images after the latest round of judging…

Top Junior – Carcassonne Castle – Nielda Sanford
OP-1STAR-001-0726201-Carcassonne Castle-Nielda Sanford

Top Senior – Arniston Morning – Conrad Kelsey
OP-5STARH-001-0726399-Arniston Morning-Conrad Kelsey

Top Set Subject – Melbourne – Agustin Ritacco
SS-5STAR-001-0726456-Melbourne-Agustin Ritacco

Check out the full Gallery HERE, and the latest Log Standings
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How to Process a Landscape image in 5 Minutes

2015-11-22 17_57_30-Start

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