August Top Images

Top Junior – Rustic Breakfast – Natascha Weber

Top Senior – Graffiti Orb – Colleen Venter

Top Set Subject – Lost at sea – Havannah Myburgh

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Westville Wins Interclub Challenge!!

The Interclub challenge against Maritsburgh Camera Club has come to an end. This year the challenge was “Doors, Gates, Walls and Windows”… Like most years this turned out to be quite a tricky subject to master…The results of this year’s competition were as follows:

Juniors: MCC – 587 – WCC – 598

Seniors: MCC – 596 – WCC – 649

Overall: MCC – 1183 – WCC – 1247

Top Junior MCC Images:

On The Ridge – Andre Roos (32)

Church door – Dale Southern (35)


Office Space – Erik Bosman (32)

Doors and Windows – Joan Jung (37)

Top Junior WCC Images:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Judy Mann (34)

Fairies Worksho...

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Get featured on the Independent!

Geoff Feldon and Steve McCurrach met with the Editor at the Independent On Saturday newspaper (IOS) and a great opportunity has arisen from a very fruitful meeting. The IOS will showcase PSSA affiliated Camera Clubs from our province in their last issue for each month, starting with the Westville Camera Club. Geoff and Steve were in the right place at the right time. A huge thank you to them and what a wonderful opportunity this is!

Here is the low down:

The IOS will choose the subject for each camera club and for the WCC it will be “Spring”.

The camera club will receive a full page spread in ...

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July Top Images

TI-J-OP-1STAR-001-0818420-Moyo-Sharon Dell
Top Junior – Moyo – Sharon Dell

TI-S-NA-5STAR-001-0831798-Big thirst-Martha van Tonder
Top Senior – Big thirst – Martha van Tonder

TI-SS-SS-5STAR-001-0831797-Splash-Martha van Tonder
Top Set Subject – Splash – Martha van Tonder

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June Top Images

NA-1STAR-001-0802003-Sunset Kudu-john thackeray
Top Junior: Sunset Kudu – John Thackeray

OP-5STARH-001-0815667-Art in a can-Ben Myburgh
Top Senior: Art in a can – Ben Myburgh

SS-5STAR-001-0815031-Remembrance-Willie Henegan
Top Set Subject: Remembrance – Willie Henegan

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May Top Images

NA-1STAR-002-0798390-Martial Eagle-Alex Stewart
Top Junior – Martial Eagle – Alex Stewart

NA-5STAR-001-0801720-Last fight-Martha van Tonder
Top Senior – Last fight – Martha van Tonder

SS-5STAR-001-0801724-Reflection-Martha van Tonder
Top Set Subject – Reflection – Martha van Tonder

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April Top Images

OP-1STAR-001-0784545-Old Crock or Discarded Classic-john thackeray

Top Junior: Crock or Discarded Classic – John Thackeray

MO-5STAR-001-0785418-The Falls-Carl Smorenburg

Top Senior: The Falls – Carl Smorenburg

SS-5STAR-001-0780220-The X factor-Shirley Gillitt

Top Set Subject: The X factor – Shirley Gillitt

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If you think workshops can get crowded…

This is what the crowds look like during “Firefall” in Yosemite. Check out what they are photographing and the full story HERE


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March Top Images

OP-1STAR-001-0763392-Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber
Top Junior – Grey Durban Days-Natascha Weber

OP-5STAR-002-0765715-Rolling Elements-Shane Newman
Top Senior – Rolling Elements-Shane Newman

SS-4STAR-002-0767339-Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
Top Set Subject – Ace Tops-Karen Fischer
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Workshop BTS: One Light Source

IMG_3857  IMG_3863

IMG_3867  IMG_3884

IMG_3885  IMG_3890

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