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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Street Photography free eBooks

Check out these two free ebooks on street photography by Thomas Luthard. I really loved his ‘sharing’ philosophy… This is what he had to say about why he keeps his books free:
“There are a lot of people who ask me why I don’t charge for my eBooks. There are several reasons for that. First of all I have a full time job, which feeds me more than enough. I also have the latest gear available to perform Street Pho- tography. I’m happy with my life so far and more money would not make me happier...
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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Where do you shop?

There’s two places where I’ve bought my gear from locally… ORMS and SA Camera. (Both in Cape Town but they have great online stores.) ORMS has always had an amazing store to visit. You look around their shelves and everything you can imagine is there… Well, this week SA Camera is catching up and they just opened their store which looks equally well stocked. Click here for their opening specials

Where do you get your gear from?? Please leave a comment and let us know. (Even if you import your stuff).

How to photograph Newborns

Here’s something a little bit d...

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Image uploads for September


The image upload facility for the September monthly image submissions has been enabled.

Some of our new members are battling to get their images into the correct format before uploading. Here are the guidelines:

1. In your photo editor, scale a copy of your image to fit within the landscape size of 1024 x 768 pixels. This does not mean that a portrait image may be 768 x 1024 pixels. Our digital projector projects a landscape image of 1024 x 768 pixel proportions and your image must fit within those constraints

  • In the example above, landscape image “A” achieves full impact of the screen b...
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SK4AWPW (Scott Kelby 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk)

If you intend participating in the “Scott Kelby 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk” this year, then wander (rush, may be a better option) on over to the Photo Walk website and register.

There are only 50 places and 7 are already allocated.

Update: It starts at Musgrave Centre, past/through Essenwood Flea Market. Down to Currie Road and back to Musgrave Centre. Approximately a 3km round-trip.


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Camera/Lens Comparison

A while ago I spoke about a lens review site ( where it is possible to get technical reviews on almost any lens. The nice thing about this site was that you could compare lenses side by side. I’ve come across another similar website called: DxOMark. It not only lets you compare lenses but also cameras and camera sensors. Very interesting…


If you interested in macro photography check out this article by “DIY Photography”...

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Hi all,

The June 2011 gallery (SS = repetition) has been updated and looks a little different this month.

Refer to the full image listing at the bottom of the page to see the award for each image.

As from this month, I’ll be grouping all the images into a single gallery for gold and merit awards for all images and no longer one gallery per section and star rating.

The gallery image name also no longer has the award as part of the image name.

For copyright protection, all images displayed from this month onward, will have the WCC logo and text embedded into the image...

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Calling all wannabe-archivists!

A little while back we received a bag of antiquities from a little old lady whom Ben offered to help during a minor crisis. Good on you Ben!

If you are an interested collector of photographic memorabilia, and a serious collector at that, then you may be interested in sharing the bag’s contents with other like-minded members in the WCC.

The bag contains:

  • 3 aluminium lens hoods and color filters for an early Kodak camera – Possibly a Kodak Retina Reflex.
  • Single B&W negative.
  • Small tripod – Broken.
  • Battery operated slide viewer – Do not know if it works.
  • Viewfinde...
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August outing

Jeffrey has arranged the following outing for August.

Durban Botanical Gardens, Saturday 20th August  2011 at 07:20 for 07:30.

Please diarise this date. We could stop off at the tea garden upon completion for a refreshing cup of tea or coffee and a scone, etc.


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Photowalk image submissions

Wow, now that was fun!

Bright and early, in the crisp morning air, a medium-sized group of die-hard WCC’ers gathered at Moyo Pier to embark upon the WCC Photowalk in celebration of National Women’s Day. We decided to incorporate a mini photo-circuit into the walk and 5 image subjects were chosen for the walk. Photographers were allowed to take photos of any subject which caught their eye, but only images in the following 5 image subjects may be submitted:

1. People (Women only)
2. Urban Decay
3. Architecture
4. Sport
5. Colour

We had a great time, searching for subjects to snap whilst we walke...

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Route for photo walk

This is the proposed route for the photo walk.

First half of the walk is not flexible (yellow route).

Second half of the walk (orange and green routes) has a few options. But in all cases please do not wander off on your own.

Please remember we are meeting from 07:00 for 07:30.

Walk from 07:30 – 10:00

10:00 at Java Cafe for breakfast/coffee


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