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The WCC Weekly Roundup

2012 Photo Challenge

Are you ready to step it up a notch on 2012?

Here’s the challenge: Start a 365 Project.

What’s a 365 Project? Basically its to challenge yourself to take one (or more) photographs every day for a whole year. Then choose one photo a day and share it with your friends and colleagues online.
Is it going to be easy? Absolutely NOT. I started this almost two months ago and its really difficult some days. There’s days where you’ve had a log day at work and the last thing you feel like is picking up a camera...
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Mountain Biking documentary screening

Interested in Mountain Biking and Videography?

There will be a premier screening of the documentary “From the inside out” at Giba Gorge MTB Park tonight at 20:00. Tickets R60.00 per person.

Visit for more info and to purchase your tickets online.

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

The year in pictures

There’s something really powerful about striking news images. The Big Picture always has amzing series of news pictures. Check out this latest gallery (part 1) of “The year in pictures”.

Part 2 : HERE.

Another great collection of news photos from the past year HERE.

CJ Live – Building your portfolio

I’ve spoken about Chase Jarvis and his live interviews before. In this episode of CJ Live, Chase interviews Allegra Wilde who talks about how to go about creating a portfolio. These interviews are definitely worth your time.

Advanced Tips for Better Photo...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Want to learn studio lighting? In this 2 hour lecture video, Joey Quintero gives a basic overview of the principles and tools.

Father of Digital

In this VIDEO, Eric Fossum (the inventor of the CMOS sensor) gives a lecture at Yale University. If you a bit nerdy like me, you’ll find this very interesting. He not only talks about where digital cameras came from but he also gives some insight as to where digital sensors are going in the future.
Here’s the official video description:
The Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science presents the 2011 Victor...
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Permits, SANP and commercial photography

Des sent me a note about photographers being harassed by rangers in the protected areas around and on Table Mountain.

The SA National Parks website has very distinct rules about commercial photography or filming in any of the protected areas under their control. Please refer to the SANP website policy on photography. They do also have annual permits available

SANParks regional (Western Cape) spokeswoman Merle Collins said taking photographs for personal use or for newspapers was permitted. Merle is also quoted in the following forum post on ClimbZA.

In terms of the National Environmental Manag...

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