The WCC Weekly Roundup

Light Painting a B25 bomber

B25 - Bomber

It is possible to photograph large subjects “Joe Mcnally” style without having to buy 100 speedlights.
Check out this video of a B25 bomber shoot using one light some clever post production techniques.

Graduated ND Filters for Landscape Photography

grad filter

Hougaard Malan writes an interesting introduction on getting started with filters for landscape photography.

The Basics of Photography by National Geographic

National Geographic

Getting started with photography? Check out this ebook by National Geographic covering some of the basic principles.

What camera to buy??


Most people looking for a camera for the first time ask the question: What is the best camera for me to get? Ofcourse there isn’t an answer to that question. Scott Bourne looks at some considerations when looking into buying a new camera.

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