The WCC Weekly Roundup

The year in pictures

There’s something really powerful about striking news images. The Big Picture always has amzing series of news pictures. Check out this latest gallery (part 1) of “The year in pictures”.

Part 2 : HERE.

Another great collection of news photos from the past year HERE.

CJ Live – Building your portfolio

I’ve spoken about Chase Jarvis and his live interviews before. In this episode of CJ Live, Chase interviews Allegra Wilde who talks about how to go about creating a portfolio. These interviews are definitely worth your time.

Advanced Tips for Better Photography

To tie in with the above interview, check out this article, by ‘Beyond Megapixels’. Steve Russell gives us some fresh points on improving our photography.

Shooting the olympics with Adam Pretty

There’s a lot of us in the club that are passionate about sports photography. In this interview, we get some insight into the mind of sports photographer- Adam Pretty- who makes amazing art from his sports photos.

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