The WCC Weekly Roundup

Learn portraiture from the best


In this Video by Peter Hurley (a world class head-shots photographer from New York) he gives a great tip about posing people when photographing portraits. I was amazed when I watched this. Little things make a big difference.

Non-Destructive Dodge and Burn


This Photoshop video shows a clever technique to achieve “non-destructive” dodging and burning in Photoshop. The author not only shows the technique but also gives us an insight into how Photoshop works that can be applied in different situations.

Free sensor cleaning forever!!

If you don’t get Canon’s free online magazine- Click Magazine – its a worthwhile read even if you use other camera makes. There’s always some tutorials in there which are pretty good. In the latest issue (Click 23) they announced that Camera Tek have extended their FREE sensor cleaning indefinitely! That’s something worth taking advantage of!

Street Photography

Some links to give you some ideas for the weekend outing…

This is a bit of a funny video where ‘AnalogRev’ introduces street photographer Eric Kim as they walk the streets of Hong Kong. It will give you a good idea of how to go about shooting in the streets and maybe a laugh or two.

102 Things I Have Learned About Street Photography by Eric Kim. His website is a huge street photography resource. Be sure to browse around.

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