The WCC Weekly Roundup

Sharpening using a high pass filter

There are numerous ways to sharpen images in Photoshop. A lot of the methods use filters found under the sharpen filter menu in Photoshop. However, this method uses a filter called: ‘high pass filter’. Click here for a step by step guide on using the high pass filter to sharpen images.

Get the most out of the ‘Photo Merge’ command

The Photo Merge command in Photoshop is used to merge more that one photo. It is typically used to create panoramic layouts. The command has 6 different layout options: Auto, Perspective, Cylindrical, Spherical, Collage,  Reposition. Do you know when to use each one? Check out this guide by Photofocus explaining which layout works best for different effects.

Light Modifiers

Following on from last week, I came across another two very good articles on light modifiers and their effects. These ones are a lot more in-depth and has lots of example photographs showing the effects that different modifiers have on lighting a subject. (Both articles by The Photoblographer)

  1. Which light modifier do I choose?
  2. Introductory guide to light modifiers.

Tips for Killer Silhouettes

In this article, you will see 13 tips and beautiful examples of how to create striking silhouettes like the one above.

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