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Bird Photography

Came across a great set of video tutorials on bird photography. Not the easiest type of photography but there’s some really excellent tips on these videos that will help you with just about any type of photography. Well worth a watch, specially if you want to get started with bird photography…

Location – Scouting the perfect shot

Camera settings:

Getting the right exposure

One shot and AI servo

1.4x and 2x tele extenders

Arthur’s gear bag. Don’t watch if you suffer from G.A.S…

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

More Ideas to use your Speedlight

After a great workshop by Emanuel a couple of weeks ago here’s some more ideas on how to use your speedlight from arguably one of the best in the field: “Joe McNally”. This is a 6 part series that adds up to an hour long look at a master of speedlights.

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The WCC Weekly Roundup


I love stories that motivate me and make me want to go out and shoot more. This short video made as a promotion for the new Nikkon D4s makes me want to do just that. Beautifully shot and a great inspiration! Check it out on Vimeo:

Dedicated 1

Also check out the behind the scenes on how the video was created. (A good story on its own.)

Dedicated 2



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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Sorry it has been the “not so weekly” roundup. Things got a bit busy but will try get this going again…

The Image Story

The Image Story is a website that tries to dig a little bit deeper than the image itself. Here they not only showcase beautiful photography but they explore the story and process behind the image. The focus is not the technical details but details such as: What inspired the image? What preparation was needed? What were the decisions behind the composition, etc, etc.



This one is one for all the ‘gear heads’ out there… Shotkit is a website that explores the gear in the...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Compliments of the season to everyone! Trust you had a nice break and are starting to get back into the swing of things. So let’s keep learning and improving.

Photography Cheat Sheets

2014-01-06 20_11_53-Photography Cheat Sheets To Save You Time and Frustration - The Photo Argus

Check out this very cool list of Photography Cheat sheets collected by “The Photo Argus“. Everything from manual exposure guides, to night photography guides, to flash guides. All in a nice printable sheet.

5 Tips for shooting Macro

2013-11-17 14_28_26-Pocket _ 5 Tips for Shooting Macro Photography with Rick Lieder

In this video from Tamron, Rick Lieder shares some tips from his years of experience shooting macro photography.

You can also go see some of his stunning  work on 500px, or his web...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

While we all still fresh from our Wednesday Photoshop workshop, here’s some cool Photoshop links to keep you busy and learning…

Blending Modes

I have watched hundreds of Photoshop video tutorials and I have yet to come across someone who really understands blending modes. It seems to be one of these things people just click through and see what ‘works best’. If you really want to understand what each blending mode does, check out this in depth explanation. In fact, its a good one to bookmark so you can keep referring back to it.

Custom Shapes

2013-11-17 14_56_23-Cool Photoshop custom shapes, gradients and styles _ Tutorial Lounge

Want to add more custom shapes to Photoshop’s defa...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Creative Photoshop Tutorials

Anything you want to learn about these days is available at the click of a button. Photoshop tutorials on the internet are no exception. A quick search and whatever you need to know is right there. Sometimes to be really inspired is nice to look at a list of tutorials and find new things you didn’t even think were possible. And this is exactly what this list of advanced Photoshop tutorials does for me. It blows my mind what can be achieved! This list was put together by Tutorial Lounge.


Create a vintage look

The old vintage look seems to be all the craze at the mo...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Today’s post is about having some fun quickly creating some different looks using free presets… I’m going to focus on two very common ways of doing this. One with Photoshop Actions and one with Lightroom Presets. If you search the web you will find thousands of free actions and presets. I will mention a few to get you started… Both these methods will allow you to create many different looks with the click of 1 button.


Photoshop Actions

First of all, a quick step by step instruction on how to install an action into Photoshop. Once you happy with that, explore and have fun:

  1. 34 Useful Photoshop...
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The WCC Weekly Roundup

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

2013-09-30 06_15_49-The Photographer's Ephemeris

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) is a small utility that allows you to plan natural light outdoor photoshoots. While its quite easy to find sunrise and sunset times on the internet, its less so trying to find the angle at which the sun will rise or set relative to objects on the ground. (Or even moon rise an moon set). TPE (free on mac or windows) will overlay all the sun and moon information on top of a map (google map) so you can accurately plan your next photoshoot. They also have a version for Androip and IOS but its not free.

PROOF – Inspiration from Nation...

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The WCC Weekly Roundup

Get DxO FilmPack 3

For a limited time only, Sony are giving away their DxO FilmPack 3 software. They do have a new version (4) available for $50, but for a limited time you can get version 3 for free. What this software gives you is the ability to easily reproduce the quality, style, colors, and grain of the most famous analog films. You can use it as a stand alone application or as a plugin for lightroom or photoshop. It basically gives you presets that you can quickly select to get the look and feel of old films. Download it from here before the end of October to get it for free.


Free World...

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